Why Uncensored History?

Why Uncensored History - Abraham LincolnUncensored History: Is such a provocative name warranted? You be the judge.

When you think of history, do you think, “UGH!” and bring to mind the card catalog of names, dates and events that you were compelled to memorize for class. Does it bring to mind the senseless regurgitation of the same on tests? Did you struggle to see why you had to learn about dead people who had little relevance to your life?

I learned to really love history when I got past the textbook version. What engaged me was the people and their stories. What moved me was the “WHY?” behind the facts.

History unfolded for me when I looked for the stuff that wasn’t in the textbooks, the stuff they left out.

History is the unfolding stories of real people written by real people. Mostly they are people, just like us. They lived life a lot like you and I do. They had dreams, passions, families, careers, beliefs, friends and enemies. Often they found themselves in the midst of circumstances larger than themselves.

If all the stories were told in their entirety, the world could not hold all the history that would be written. As a result, to fit history into the textbooks and condense stories to bite sized nuggets, history as most of us have experienced it, has been relegated to the “big names” the “big events” of the major nations or cultures.

In the interest of space, time and political correctness, most history we learn in school is comprised of snippets of facts, summaries of events and broad stroke statements. If you studied history in a secular school, all the references to the faith and beliefs that so often drove people to great acts of courage are completely left out. History in many ways is presented in black and white without any of the panoramic color that brings it to life.

What has been censored (left out) is all that brings history alive, the stories behind the stories. History is the story of people and the telling of events that became historic.

Whole decades are compressed to a paragraph, page or maybe a chapter in a textbook. This leads to a superficial view of history and provides very limited insight. Little time or effort is expended in texts to bring the characters or events to life.

Uncensored History is going to look at real people and their stories. We will ask the why? and seek to connect what may seem like unrelated events. We want to take the lid off the one-dimensional presentation of names, dates and facts.

We want to tell what made people tick, their passions and beliefs. What was going on around them in their lives and culture? What makes these people real and not just names in a text? What makes history meaningful? How can events be linked together?

Our mission is to help bring history alive through the stories there has been no time to tell in the texts, that which was censored. Enjoy the journey.

One thought on “Why Uncensored History?

  • March 1, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Hi Bob,

    This site is such a blessing to me. I’m on a quest this year to attain the skills and to learn how to find out the truth about anything (or get as close to it as possible) … From stuff like Global Warming, to Obama’s birth certificate, to causes of cancer, to who let the dogs out…

    The older I get I am realizing that I have been in a bubble. I have, quite humanly, surrounded myself with people who have mostly the same point of views that I do. We support/reward each other’s opinions with accolades and more information written by those with the same frame of mind.

    To the dismay of many of my friends who have not had the same revelation, I have ventured from the fold into unfamiliar/unfriendly territory… Now I am just plain
    confused as the same topics are just as well supported (it seems) by those who think differently about its “truths” than I do.

    This site is a breath of fresh air as I search for information written from a different angle and tended to more thoroughly than usual.

    Sincerely, B. D.

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