Meet the Munis

Uncensored History Bob and KathyBob and Kathy have been a force for change and parental choice in education for 30+ years. In the early 1980’s they were among the pioneers of the Homeschooling movement in Florida and the nation. Bob was a key player as State Chairman and Vice-Chair for the Florida Parent Educators Association during the legislative terms that saw home education become a legally recognized form of education.

Kathy played a significant role, serving as a leader in local homeschool groups, developing curriculum and writing the book, The Guide to Homeschooling in Alachua County. Together they served as liaisons between the school board and homeschooling community for over 20 years.

In 2000, after 18 years of homeschooling, Bob and Kathy helped develop and start a hybrid private Christian School, Cornerstone Academy. In this unique educational model which serves students in preschool through 12th grade, students attend school three-days per week and are at home two-days per week with teacher-directed lesson plans. Cornerstone Academy has been highly successful!

Bob was a leader in a homeschooling initiative allowing homeschool students access to extracurricular activities in their locally zoned schools. This initiative eventually became a state law that is fondly known as the “Tim Tebow Law” because it went into effect just in time for Tim to play high school football! (He went on to be the star of the UF Florida Gators, and is now the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.)

In addition, Bob was a founder of The Florida Virtual School and has served as the Chairman of the Board for the past 15 years.

Happily married for almost 35 years, Bob and Kathy have 5 children and 2 precious grandsons. Among the highlights in their life are the five years they spent as missionaries in New Zealand. They both love to travel, especially cruises. Kathy loves to research original documents and long lost treasures in history. Bob is also an avid semi-professional photographer. The pics on the site are his original work.

Bob Muni, M.Ed. (UF ’77) & Kathy Muni, M.Ed. (UF ‘83)